Saturday, 15 November 2014

Visual Studio 2013 is now free for single developers

Microsoft today announced the Community 2013 edition of Visual Studio, which essentially replaces the very limited Visual Studio Express version the company has been offering for a few years now.

The new community version is basically more advanced version of visual studio express adding thousands of more extensions to express version.

This new version is a full version of the visual studio 2013 but with no restrictions.
Except the new community version is only available for a single developer  or a developer team of 5 people.

The Community Edition will allow developer to build any kind of application for the Web, mobile devices, desktop and the cloud.

Microsoft also made a number of other developer-themed announcements, including the launch of a public preview for the next major Visual Studio 2015 release.

The Visual studio 2015 supports cross platform development by adding  Android an iOS support to it.

There is already an  Android emulator in Visual studio 2015 and the support for iOS will be added soon.

The final version should be made available sometime in 2015.

Update: Microsoft has also released Beta of Visual Studio 2015 as Community edition.

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