Sunday, 21 December 2014


According to the information obtained by Chinese website Padnews a tablet supposedly called Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra would be around the works.

The news says the Tablet would have an Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa core CPU to be clocked at the highest 2.86 GHz.

With a screen size 12.97 inches TRILUMINOS display that is already higher than Surface Pro 3 and Samsung biggest Galaxy Pro model.

With a resolution of 3840*2400 pixels which is already a 4K Ultra HD screen with 16:10 ratio and also has an higher Pixel count than the Retina screen of the newest Macbook Pro and beats most of the 4K laptop Screens.

Coupled with 6GB of RAM (2 * 3GB LPDDR4) is a multiplication point for the Tablet.

With such an insane Specs comes Great features which is allegedly PS4 Remote Play and the S-Force Front Surround.

And with all specs like that you would expect a Great battery, which it shows to have 12100mAh- "well that's a Kickass battery".

Looking at the specs it looks more like a fanboy wishlist than the feasible product for an early 2015 launch.

But With CES and MWC 2015 being around and Sony having a press conference slated for January 5 at CES, it is entirely possible that Sony will soon introduce some sort of tablet or its Xperia Z4 series of Smartphone or Phablets.

Our advice to not get your hopes too much high and stay tuned for more news.

What do you think about these specs?
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