Sunday, 11 January 2015


From PDA's to Smartphones, Smartphones to Tablets, Tablets to Extinction, Extinction to Open, Open to Licensed, Licensed to TV's and now from TV's to Smartwatches.

We aren't talking about any firm, But its an Operating System: WebOS.

WebOS has seen it all from Older times to end and now from End to Revive again.

WebOS traces its roots from 1996 as PalmOS for those big PDA's working with stylus.

LG has now redesigned the UI and integrated WebOS in its Smart TV's.

With taking one step further Lg has now introduced a smartwatch, But no it won't be releasing any time soon.

It was shown by Audi for its new car for the remote lock/unlock feature.

Audi showed the feature with different devices including Smartphone, Tablet and a SmartWatch.

The Remote lock/unlock feature works with the Audi app on all the devices shown with the new Audi S7.

You can even lend the key to your friends and they would be able to unlock your car through the remote unlock feature.

What caught everyone's eye was watch and different UI other than Android Wear, it was a circular UI on the watch.

The Smartwatch exactly looks like the LG G watch R in design and it was said that the watch was a prototype for just showing up the feature.

Whether LG launches the Smartwatch now or later, but it is good to see that a firm is experimenting with its devices to be made available for consumer.

The company also that this would be coming to more devices having NFC and having the appropriate security hardware.

Below are more images of the smartwatch.

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