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Android Lollipop is in the news itself since google rolled out its first update which was intended for the Nexus series smartphone only.

But there was some bug in the update so google rolled out second update which was intended for nexus series and also for Moto g(both gen)this version was 5.0.2 but there was a major bug found in this version.

Google quickly rolled out android 5.1 which is still rolled out for nexus series only but according to the source there is a bug in 5.1 also but the developer is saying that they have created a firmware update for that which will be reached to the user shortly,so now everyone is waiting for the android lollipop update for their smartphone so we decided to create a post to address the list of smartphone that are going to get the Android lollipop update soon.

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Here are the list of smartphone which are going to get the lollipop update soon let us start with the India company


MicromaxA1 the android one smartphone is going to get the android lollipop update soon and they are going to get android 5.1 update directly skipping 5.0,and the size of the update will be around 410mb approximately


Yureka the new brand launch by micromax is performing very good in the market the in the flash sales the smartphone was getting sold out very quickly in few minutes it is just because the company is providing such a great quality feature for low price and now the official site has given hint about the yureka going to get the android lollipop update on 26th march no official news on that but from the hint we can say that they are talking about android lollipop only


Sony has started rolling out update of Android lollipop for Xperia Z3 in some of the countries so it may arrive to the user any time some of the country in Europe has got the update and according to the sources the users from the other countries will get the android lollipop update anytime soon.



Another Indian smartphone making company that is Spice has already rolled out the update of the Android lollipop for Dream Uno smartphone they have stated earlier on their official Facebook page that "Your rocking weekend starts today..Spice rolls out Lollipop 5.1 update for Spice Dream Uno users. Check NOW!,"so its clear that they have got the android lollipop update his weekend

OnePlus One:

There is a good news for OnePlus one user also as they are likely to get the Android Lollipop update by the end of march those with the Oxygen os are also going to get the Android Lollipop update at the end of march.


The south Korean smartphone company has started working on the Lollipop update for their alpha series phone according to the sources A3,A5,A7 will get the lollipop update still no news for alpha one.and there is one bad news for galaxy note2 user that they are not going to get the Android lollipop update at all.


LG's L90 the mid range smartphone is going to get the android lollipop ,the good news for the Indian user is that they have started rolling out the update for the Smartphone from India so the Indian user will get the update first and then it will rolled out to the other parts of the world and the expected size of the update is around 780mb.


Motorola is the company whose smartphone are the first one after nexus those who got the android lollipop update the smartphone was Moto g(both gen)but after that due to some bugs found in the version google is busy in rolling out update for the nexus user's only so many smartphone's from motorola are in a queue to get the update and the first smartphone in a queue is the Moto e and along with it there are some smartphone like Moto x(2nd gen) ,Moto X(1st gen)etc..The smartphone Moto G(both gen)have still not received the 5.1 update of android lollipop despite getting android lollipop long back...

So here are the list of smartphone that are going to get the android lollipop update soon if you are having one of the smartphone from the above list then you are lucky that you are going to get the update anytime soon.

If you know such more devices scheduled for Android Lollipop update, Do write us in  the comments below.

If you have any query regarding the Android lollipop update or regarding this blog feel free to write it in the comment section below.

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