Sunday, 19 April 2015

New Google hand writing app

Google is coming with their new product for day to day use to make life much easier. There is another application "Google Handwriting Input".  We can write rather than typing on the Keyboard.
This app has very simple UI having a canvas area rather than Keyboard. On blank canvas you can write what you have to give as input and it recognizes very well even if it is written in cursive writing and it supports 82 different languages.
The Images below show the layout of the app and we can write a complete word in that open space but some users feel that it is slow way for writing rather than using the keyboard which is much faster than this method. At bottom of input area there is Circle shape for changing the input method to the keypad and also there is button like 'spacebar','delete','Go',Online reorganization of the input. 

The GUI give the flavor of the Android Lollipop OS. This app is available for android 4.0.2 or higher

The handwriting app is available on the playstore and 3 simple step to follow for starting with the  hand written input.

Download form the playstore : Google Handwriting Input 

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