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Google I/o 2015-all you need to know

Google i/o 2015 was more than interesting as they launched many updates to their product but more importantly they have talked about the next android version that is Android M,no official announcement for its official name but till date it is known as Android
,ok so android M was the biggest announcement of all but it does not mean that other announcement were not interesting or anything the other announcement were also more than interesting so we will start with the Android m first than we will discuss different announcement like project loon,cardboard viewer,family zone etc 

Android M

Battery life:

So let us first focusing on the Android M the first best feature we have is the extended battery life and according to the officials on comparing the battery life of android l and android m the batter life of android m is double then that f android m so that quite a good news.

Auto selection(App to app communication):
Generally we know while opening a particular link we get the dialog box asking which program you wanna use for opening it but sometime you are only confused between the programs you wanna use to open the link so now this problem is solved with Android m it comes with the auto selection,it will automatically select which app is better for the given action and it will open it directly without asking

Dynamic permissions:

we all know that when we install the app we know that they want to access the certain resources like camera,location etc but now in android m it will not ask at the time of installation but it will ask at the time of use and it will be like a OTP  means if you are agreeing for the permission for some app than it will be one time permission only the next time it will ask you again before using it

Android pay:

It is the new system included in the Android M so that you can make the payment easily using your smartphone without any problem and that to with the full security mechanism like fingerprint scanner,yes the Android M is coming with the fingerprint scanner so  it can also be used for screen lock and various other application.

so this are the main features of android m till ow and there are many other features in UI also like new chrome UI for better experience and new web design also available the developer preview will be available from today for nexus 5,6,9 or player.

Android wears

There are many changes in the terms of android wear in term of design and in terms of software also according to the google official they are talking with the many watch making company in order to create a stylish smartwatch which will suits the user requirement there are many changes in the software also first thing is you can keep a home screen on your smartwatch and it can be anything not necessarily the clock it can be reminder list or a map or etc and it will run continuously by consuming low energy and some simple gestures like moving your hand up-down or down-up will take you to your different notifications and the best thing is that now you can send emoji via the smartwatch and one more thing you can  draw a shape of the emoji it will automatically select it from all emoji and 2-3 options will be given to you for selection and then you can send it,there are around 4000+apps just for android wears 

Google Photos 

The main problem faced by the user in today's world is the memory problem we all have the high definition camera in our smartphone but what we do not have is memory we have the camera to capture moments but we don't have memory to store it,now this problem is also solved by google with its new google photo's app they are giving the unlimited storage for storing your memories and that's quite great and the good news is that it is available from today only so you can use it just by downloading it from play store and there are many other features in this app which are added like  quick sharing ,editing, quick sorting and searching etc..

Cardboard Viewer

It was launched in google I/O last year and it has been a great success since then,it is the first step in moving in the direcion of virtual reality in I/O2015 they launched the new cardboard viewer that can have smartphone with screen size upto 6 inch,it totally depends on the concept of virtual reality the two new concept related to cardboard viewer is 


In this one particular thing or place is seen by many people simultaneously each through their own cardboard viewer the best example given by them was the example of the school trip or i should say virtual school trip in this the teacher select any particular location and all the student visits it (see it) through their cardboard viewer and they can take  the experience as they are actually visiting it that helps also in studies as due to this study becomes practical rather  then theoretical 


It is the second term associated with cardboard viewer so first of all think we take numerous pics of the place just to make sure that we preserve memory with us but do we really look it so preciously afterwards?? The picture of a place is like seeing its half beauty what if you can have absolute 360 degree view of the place,this what the jump is also about it is the design created by google in which 16 cameras are arranged in systematic order for capturing each and every detail of the place but the main problem is combining those 16 different video recording so for that google has developed a special assembler so that they can be arranged in proper way with perfect clarity and then comes the question of publishing it the google has decided to publish this videos through youtube so that it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere...

Family Zone

Soon their will be the new labelled named Family star which will indicate that the contain is safe for the particular age groups there are almost the case when the smartphone of parents are used by their small children so this comes handy in this cases where parents set the play store in family star labelled so that the content appropriate for the selected age group is only shown during that period...there are also many changes n the play store design like now the developers on the play store will have their particular home page similiar way the various cartoon character will have their page so you can collect all information related to that cartoon from one single page..

Project Loon

It is the project basically to provide service for the people who cant have not in terms of money but in terms of availability they have started the process of leaving the balloons near the mountain area where there is a network problem due to which people is not connected to the internet they have stared the test in the some part of New Zealand in association with New Zealand Vodafone so i think its quite a good step 

So here it is the main announcement from google I/O which is related to our day to day life as a user there are various other announcement also for the developer like launch of new project brillo but that i will be posting in the next blog so till than stay tuned with us 

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