Thursday, 23 July 2015

Windows 10 countdown begins: 7 days to go

There is 7 days remaining for the launch event of the Windows 10 across all over the world. Launch event scheduled on 29 July at different part
of the world at same time those seven place where event held on different location or continents.

The final Technical Preview of the Windows 10 shows its great features reliability and more updated in built apps like Microsoft edge, Music app, App Store. The Windows 10 is available free for the all the Windows 8.1 user but not pirated user.Microsoft Edge browser show the better result in testing with totally different UI of the browser then Internet Explorer.

There is no official announcement of the Windows 10 for the phone availability. Microsoft recently states the minimum requirement for the Windows 10 for the phone. The minimum requirement is 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of Internal Storage in Phone. Rumors says the Windows 10 Mobile update should be available in September or October month.

Count down begin, 7 days remaining for the official release of the Windows 10,For all the updates regarding the Windows 10 for Phones plz do follow us we will post updates for it regularly..If you have not reserved your free copy of windows 10 reserve it now..Its now or never....

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