Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Android 6.0: Marshmallow

The highlight of the day is the next Android version  Android 6.0 (Android Marshmallow), The preview shown in May at Google I/O and the second developers preview was also rolled out with the confirmation of the name Marshmallow.

The Marshmallow will be available only for the developer to test their product on the app. Till now the preview images are still not final, ASAP it is finalize, it will available for the developer and there is no sign when it will available for end user. The first device will get the update might be Nexus 5, 

Other than the changes in the name this android(Marshmallow) has enhanced its feature.

  • Performance enhancement including better finding information in apps.
  • Updates Google now the Android virtual personal assistant
  •  The new power saving mode called doze to conserve the battery and enhance the battery life.
  • App permission, allow or deny the security setting on an app
  • Android Pay as mobile wallet by Google
  • in-build NFC(Near communication field) reader in the phone for some retailers 
The android M will be available for different smartphone but it is sure that Moto G(3rd gen) is going to get the update for sure and some cyanogen mod smartphone like Yuphoria will also get the update as soon as it is released for user.

The unsolved mystery is "when Android 6.0 will available for the user?".
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