Friday, 22 January 2016

Netflix in India

World's most famous streaming service Netflix is now also available for Indian region, many people receive the email for joining the Netflix in India.

Netflix provide streaming service for movies and TV show for the paid user where some of the originals of Netflix and other available shows and movies.

With launch of Netflix in India the new competition start where the top in the competition is hotstar. Netflix providing the one month free trial but user have to pay 0.99 $ at the time of registration for verifying credit card of user.

The various subscription plan for the Indian user which start from 500 and various other pack of 650, 800 for a month. In 500 rs plan the quality of the video is standard, in 650 rs plan hd quality included and in the 850 rs plan 4K videos quality included.

The challenge with the Netflix is bandwidth and internet speed in India which should be improved in future.

After gaining popularity world wide lets look out the performance of Netflix in India where hotstar provide service free in exchange of ads.

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