Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why Google Rolled out Android Lollipop very Quickly and the bugs again found in android Lollipop 5.1

There was a huge excitement about the Launch of Android Lollipop 5.0 in the markelot before it was launched as there was a delay in the launch the intensity increased more and more first Google rolled out Lollipop for some of the

Nexus smartphone there was a few bug in the version so Google updated it and again release 5.0.1 version which was rolled out for Moto G user as well as some of the Nexus smartphones soon after the the new version rolled out the people started talking about the update and as it launched for Moto G(both version) this time this update has reached to more peoples so everyone was having their own view about the update but after sometime people started to find the bug in the Lollipop but they were minor Bugs which Google can fix it in its next stable update but now the question is

Why Google rolled out Android Lollipop 5.1 very quickly?

The reason for this quick update is given by some of the source in this android version there was one major bug related to the Security system of the smartphone this bug was found out by one of the company according to this bug if the user is having the pattern or pin lock as a security system in the smartphone then 2-3 invalid inputs will make smartphone Factory reset that mean a user will lost all the data just because of this invalid or wrong clicks there were the cases were the user kept the smartphone in the pocket and due to rubbing against any of the object in pocket the screen got some input or clicks and considering it as invalid password the smartphone got cleaned up means it has gone into factory reset setting so all the user data are wiped off...

so according to the sources the this was the major issue due to which Google rolled out Android Lollipop 5.1 pretty quickly.the Google official has said that this feature was implemented for the safety of the user's data in case of phone is theft or lost etc but it is behaving against its actual behavior due to minor error and they said they will fix it and they will roll out the next update quickly.

Bugs found in Android 5.1.

Google has rolled out the 5.1 version pretty quickly but they rolled out for the nexus smartphone only but there is a complaint from the user about the memory leak because of this bug some nexus devices RAM are depleted over few days of usage the bug kicks in when the user starts a game , then closes it by swiping the app away. Each time the app is dismissed, "system memory increases 100 MB or more until there is no more space and then [the] cell phone stops responding".This type of big was also found in its first version but Google has fixed it with a patch but it is again coming out in this version and according to the official this bug is solved but the update is still not available for the user....

So here we told the reason why Google rolled out update pretty quickly and the bugs which was found in Android 5.1 in the upcoming days we will be posting about the changes made in Android 5.1 like change in desing or structure etc and we will explain it with the screenshot so stay connected with us...

According to our friends at Motorola India Fanpage this 5.1 update is going to  be rolled out soon for all the motorola devices including Moto g (1st and 2nd gen),Moto e (1st and 2nd gen),Moto X (1st and 2nd gen),Moto droid turbo,Moto 360,etc...

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