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In part one we discussed about the Initiatives such as Internet for remote places, Digital classrooms for students, UID integration with many services and many more.

This is part two of the post it includes the services of gorvernment projects being online now.

Digital Maharashtra Initiatives:


These eProcurement System of Maharashtra enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Limit for the mandatory e-Tendering to be reduced from 10 lakhs to 3 Lakhs.

EMD be deposited only electronically to ruleout any cartelization.

Auto-refund and paperless Bank Guarantee options to be explored.

To ensure security and transparency of the systems Third party Audit of the Sify-Next Tender be conducted as well as NIC application.

Integration of e-KYC in e-Tendering and e-Auction portals.
Policy of Mandatory e-Tendering above Rupees 3 lakhs to be extended to Rural and Urban Local Bodies, State PSUs and Boards.


e-Auction to be mandatory for the entire state wherever the Reserve price exceeds Rupees 1 lakh.

These includes all Govt. departments, Rural and urban Local bodies, State PSUs and Boards.

e-Challan for Traffic Police:

e-Challan to be made mandatory in Navi Mumbai and Thane with effect from 01st January 2015.

And will be mandatory in rest of the State with effect from 01st July 2015.

UID Integration with Schemes:

UID will be integrated with the user schemes and policies.

UUID seeding into Scholarships, LPG, PDS, Pensions, NREGA and Prisoners Data.

Sevarth and Shalarth:

All Salary Bills by their Pay Units will be in the computerized form from December in both Govt. and Aided.

All Department to link UID number with Salary bills, to weed out any duplicates.

Periodic field eKYC should also be done to ensure that no jobs are "outsourced".

Property Lease Rental Agreements:

eKYC based system of Rental Agreements to be rolled out across the state.

Entitlements / License portability:

Using eKYC citizens to get services at a place convenient to them (Ration shop, RTO, Voting Booth, etc.)

Compulsory Online Appointment system for driving licenses:

Compulsory Online Appointment System for the Driving Licenses to eliminate long queues.

And this applies for both Temporary and Permanent Licenses.

Treasuries Dept-Improvrments:

Making Treasuries paperless

All treasuries to accept only digitally signed bills from the DDOs. To ensure faster transfer of money, Single Hop Payments through RTGS to be done from Treasuries to the Bank accounts of Employees, beneficiaries and other Third Parties

Revenue Receipts:

100% revenue receipts through GRAS or through Payment Gateways

RTI Online:

To roll out the RTI online in Mantralaya and across the state in all offices


The Chief Minister Relief Fund application to be made fully operational with the facility for online donations as well as online applications for approval of aid from the CMRF

Online Roster (Bindu Namawali) software:

Fast track the recruitment process, the Online Roster (Bindu Namawali) Software to be rolled out quickly

Automation of Citizens Entry into Mantralaya:

Simplification and Automation of Mantralaya entry process

Online House Allotment System:

To ensure transparency online Housing allotment System to be made operational.

Online Applications for all Recruitments:

Online applications to be made mandatory for all the recruitments in the state including PSUs and Local Bodies.


APMC Automation

National Digital Literacy Mission:

To ensure that the Digital Literacy Mission is effectively implemented in the state, and every family has an e-literate person a detailed action plan be prepared to reach out to all the schools and also to the citizens through the CSCs and Sangram Kendras.

13th Finance Commission Funds for UID linking with PDS:

The linking of UID to Ration Cards, especially of Yellow Ration cards, and distribution of 100 Rupees through Aadhar Linked account to the holders of BPL and Antyodaya Ration cards, as per GOI scheme.

Mid-term Course Correction for Major Projects for various departments:

Focus on the “Cloud First, Mobile First” based solutions rather than decentralized server based model various department projects.

Sales Tax BI Solution to be put into action immediately, to increase the Revenue by identifying the Gaps

Centrally controlled and software randomized inspection to be introduced rather than discretionary inspections to bring in transparency

Smart Cities, Wi-Fi Mesh and CCTV projects to be executed

IT Cells and CIOs:

Well-equipped IT cells in various offices with special focus on every Department in Mantralaya, various Commissioner and Directorates, the Divisional Commissioner Offices, Collector Offices, Zilla Parishads and the Municipal Corporations

Officers of sufficient seniority to be appointed as the CIO/IT Officer for these offices.

These all initiatives taken by Maharashtra Government will be completed till 2015 as said by the official Spokesperson.

Credits - Mr. Amit Dubey - Member of BJP Social media team for inviting us to the Press Conference.

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