Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year readers.

2014 ended with as a great tech year with many tech announecements in form of devices, softwares, etc.

The year 2015 will be more enthusiatic than the year 2014 in terms of technology and features.

This year will also be the start of actual foundation of the Digital India initiatives.

In the year 2015, India will be able to see 4G technology penetrating in Indian cities more faster than the 3G.

With only 4 days remaining for CES 2015, there will be a loads of announcements from different firms in form of different hardware devices, wearables, innovations.

With Mercedez and Google working, year 2015 can also see the year when driverless cars could also be on the roads.

2015 will the year for home automation taking to next level.

In Total this year would be a great foundation for next generation technologies.

Some of the tech news, innovations, anouncement from the previous year as a flashback.

Digital India [Part-1] [Part-2]

Free Wi-Fi to 25 cities [READ]

Earn free Recharge for Your Android Phone [READ]

Real time Skype translator [READ]

Powerful Sony tablet leaked ahead of launch [READ]

Finding IP address while chatting [READ]

Micromax launched the new YU Brand of smartphone [READ]

Chromecast launched in India [READ]

YOTA phones launched in India [READ]

Jolla's first ever Saifish Powered Tablet [READ]

Nokia new N1 tablet launched [READ]

2 Gbps Intenet in Singapore [READ]

Slush event in Finland [JOLLA[NOKIA]

Leap Motion- A leap forward [PART-1[PART-2]

Google Glass Uncertain [READ]

.Net is now open source [READ]

Visual Studio now free [READ]

Sway- the new entry in MS Office [READ]

Intel's Mica wearable [READ]

And in the end Thank you readers for all your support to us and encouragement to write and we hope for the same support in 2015 with all the love and encouragement.

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