Tuesday, 27 January 2015


It has been around a week since Microsoft conference with those announcements of which we also did a live blog.

Microsoft announced lots of innovations being developed with Windows 10 - The Universal OS, Windows 10 for phones, Surface Hub, Hololens, New Universal apps.

Microsoft has now published the preview build for new lookof the Windows 10 seen at that conference.

With all those lets have that announce ments in one handy place.

Windows 10 (Desktop & Tablets):

Microsoft unveiled the new build for its Windows 10 which is universal OS across all the windows devices for the future.

These new build has a lot of new features than early builds, Starting with the new start menu for desktop and start screen for tablets.

The Windows 10 now has a new windows phone 8.1 like action center with those quick toggles for easy acces to the shorcuts.

The Windows 10 was also showed with the new build of the Cortana for the Desktops and Tablets with more commands nad handy controls.

Microsoft also declared that Windows 10 will be free update to Windows 8.1 users and also the windows 7 users for the first year.

Windows 10:

Microsoft also unveiled the Windows 10 build for the phones which would be available for Windows insider in the month of february.

Windows 10 for phones also supports some great new features like the resizable keyboard for the large screen phone a useful feature for one hand use and also Interacting with notification while you are on the other app- somewhat same feature found in the iOS.

Microsoft also unveiled it new version of Office including Word, Powerpoint both optimised for touch based devices.

Microsoft also unveiled an array of universal app for its Windows 10 platform including new Outlook app, Photos app, People app and also new universal app for Music and Maps.

Stay tuned more tech news.

We would be soon doing an hands-on with the new preview build of windows 10.

Please do tell us What your thought on the new features of the windows 10.

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