Thursday, 29 January 2015


How many of the people use Internet explorer? well the answer isn't hard to findout.

At the event of Microsoft where they unveiled the new look of the windows 10 and also different devices, Microsoft also showcased its new project codenamed "Project Spartan".

Project Spartan is simply a bye to the old Internet Explorer and have a new browser with new engine and benchmarks.

Microsoft Said that this new browser has a new rendering engine and even has a new UI some what similar to likes of Mozilla and Chrome.

This new browser supports some new gestures to work around with the Windows 10 for every device be it the Desktops, Tablets or Smartphones.

The new browser also supports the note taking app which takes screenshot of the webpage while keeping also the links alive to interact with them and users can also write some note on the Webpage screenshot.

Project Spartan wil be available as an Universal app for all devices running Windows 10.

Microsoft also published a screenshot for what would the Project Spartan would look like on the Phones Runnig windows 10.

With all those new technology Microsoft is sure to bid a farewell to the legacy Internet Explorer.

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What's your thought on the new browser Microsoft is working on will it be able to take on its challengers.

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