Monday, 19 January 2015


At a launch event Xiaomi Launched two of its flagship smartphone the Mi Note and an higher version of it with same design which packs more power calling it Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi also launched new Mi headphone with many features included in it.

These head phones can act as both on-ear and over-ear headphones and the way it does that is by giving an interchangeable on-ear and in-ear covers.

These headphones sport a 50 mm large beryllium diaphragm speakers, with semi-open acoustics and a silver plated cables.

The headphones have low impedence of 32 ohm providing enough to headphones to work on low power devices such as music players, phones and different portable devics.

And also ensures to be used with wider range of audio equipments.

Other than this it features the same kevlar fibre cable coating and braided mesh like such found on the Mi Piston headphones.

The headphones also include Silver plated straight cable for having low inerference while hearing.

These headphones does look more like premium purchase and features with an affordable price tag of $80 (Roughly around Rs.4,900).

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