Wednesday, 7 January 2015


With starting of CES 2015 there isn't any stopping of announcements.

Earlier we posted about Asus's announcements of two new Zenfones and Transformer Chi series of tablets with excellent specs and price, please do check it.

And now a new announcement from Sony with its different hardwares.

Sony at its CES event talked about lot of products to be launched and also currently working in their R&D labs.

Sony first unveiled its latest and newest 4K Ultra HD TV series which are only 0.2 inches thin making it thinner than the Sony Xperia smartphones.

These TVs come with the Android TV OS that's Android OS customised for TVs also with more better display engines.

With different features like controlling your TV with your Smartphone or even with your Smart Watch.

It is a Whole wide lineup of the model categorized on the basis of different sizes of screen.

As far as the price is concerned it is not currently known yet.

Sony also unveiled a new projectors for the home theatre.

It is a 4K projector with HDMI slots for projection from different devices with new beeter rendering engine.

It also contains a new Low Latency mode for gamers.

It would be available starting from january 2015 at a price of $10,000.

The next thing unveiled by Sony is range of new audio products such as the Soundbar, A/V Receiver, Portable wireless speakers.

This audio products will support spotify service with coming firmware updates.

This would be available from around Spring 2015.

Stay tuned For more CES news.

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