Thursday, 5 February 2015

Celebrating one year of Motorola Mobility In India(After comeback) And History of Motorola

On the eve of Motorola mobility completing one year in India,Today we would like to share some facts about the Motorola mobility.This facts are about  how Motorola regrouped itself and emerged as one of the Tech giants in India.

One year ago that is in  Jan 2014 when Google sold the Motorola to Lenovo there were the rumours that Motorola was becoming burden on Google so they sold it out to Lenovo but thats not true.The fact is that the Google wanted to gain the control over the market so they guided motorola with Moto G and Moto X and sold the company to Lenovo but they kept the patterning intact with them.

Why Google Sold Motorola to Lenovo ?

Google bought Motorola for 12.5BN in May 12 and sold it to Lenovo in  Jan 14 for 2.1BN so they have suffered a huge loss.Does it make sense that the company like Google will do this much big loss in a business. There is surely something behind this which is hidden from the peoples. Google CEO Larry page never discussed this matter in detailed but here are some fact due to which Google sold Motorola to Lenovo the fact are as follows:

  1. The only reason for Google to buy Motorola was to transform it into a competitor  to Samsung, which sells the overwhelming majority of Android smartphones.
  2. Using Motorola Google tried to get people`s attention to Android.
  3. Google wanted that more and more people use Android so that by selling their Google services they have started earning big.
  4. Google kept the patents of Motorola intact with them and just sold License to Lenovo. 
  5. Google was using Motorola same as that of Nexus series that is made by their Counterpart Asus.
  6. Motorola Saved Google's Billions of Dollars in Tax.
In short Google used Motorola as their business purpose with intention of getting more people towards Android OS and as soon as company became strong they have represented Motorola as Rival of Samsung which is rival of Google.So Google just used Motorola in order to get control over their rival.I must say it is the master plan of Google.

Information courtesy :"Motorola India Fan" facebook page

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