Saturday, 7 February 2015


It has now been 3 months since we started the blog and day by day we are growing with a passion of technology, to share the news, review, tips, rumors as soon as we get it.

Just some days before we found some enthusiatic people of Motorola India Fans page on facebook.

After some normal chat and talk we found a common interest between us.

Yes if you guessed, you guessed it correct - "Technology".

Not only the interest in technology but also same enthusiastic way in which we work.

Just after a few chats we actually came up with an idea "Why not just blog your post on our blog".

Well actually then stuck with this idea and now turning it into reality, Now both of us will work in co'ordination for each and every post related to motorola so Sym reviews is going to be the first one to post update as we are going to get information directly from the source.

We are happy to Annonce Motorola India Fans as our partners for our each post related to Motorola and we are greatful to them as they are providing us this privilege.

We are working hard day and night in order  to provide you the best service and this also our a new step forward in order to  improve the performance of our blog.

Thank you everyone hope you will be with us in the near future...

Stay tuned For more tech news.

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