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Android OS is very popular mobile phone OS based on Linux Kernel & productive OS. Android is acquired by the Google and currently developed by the Google. Now days this OS not only use on Touch screen phones but also on wearable device, Television, Cars etc. Famous android Device is Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc,

Now, What is rooting?

Rooting is process by using which end user can get privilege access on android phone, it is like getting super user permission for the Linux or Unix like systems. By rooting our smartphone we remove the limitation that hardware manufacturer put on the device.


  1. By rooting we can remove the pre-installed apps from the mobile phones.
  2. We can install different type of Custom ROM on the phone which installed by the developer
  3. Can manage the process using some apps
  4. Full control of the kernel and CPU
  5. We can change the whole UI like battery indicator, navigation bar, notification and themes of the phone.
  6. Ability to take full backup and restore the data into phones.


  1. Phone would not be in the warranty for any problem company should not be responsible.
  2. At the time of rooting the phone if we not perform the any process properly then phone should be turn into brick(useless), then we have to flash the phone OS, so perform the rooting process as per given instruction by the developer of the Custom ROM.

The main purpose of writing this blog is to aware the user that they may harm the device in order to get the new version.Recently the android lollipop update for Moto e is rolled out by the means of Cyanogenmod and many desperate user may root their phone in order to get new update quickly for their smartphone so please take care of your smartphone and read instruction carefully before rooting it.

These rooting process can also be done to the phones which haven't got the update i.e Moto E as suggested by our friends at Motorola India fans.

The ROM for Android Lollipop 5.1 for Moto E can be downloaded here and Google apps zip from here.

Perform the process at your own risk

Different device have the different rooting process so search for your device.

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