Monday, 16 March 2015


Moto E 1st gen being a very versatile smartphone due to its looks and feel, the new Moto E 2nd gen is way beyond its older sibling.

Talking about the first smartphone experience, My first smartphone was a result I started this blog and it has been only four months since it got started.

The reason to start up my own blog was to share some information I had while getting much more information from others too about the technology which made users interested in.

What made me to start my blog was the features of the smartphone and the technology behind its very interesting design aesthetics and great customizations.

With all those great features the smartphone is also future proof which means that it would have all the latest firmware updates sooner than any other smartphone firm.

I was mesmerized by the features offered by the smartphone and it makes me more interested in technology of the world.

The smartphone helps a lot to edit the posts on the go while providing an easy full day backup for the usage.

But then the question comes, What if the New Moto E would have been my first smartphone?

So the answer to this is, it wouldn't have mattered much for me with just one difference that my blog would have started four months later than the day it started.

The new Moto E provides me with the same features of the smartphone I currently own which the Moto G 2nd gen.

The Moto E provides with the same waterproof nano coating, quick capture technology with running the latest Android Lollipop with more guaranteed future updates to come and the same unibody design.

The new Moto E can be even more customised with the colour bands and gripshells to change the accent colour of the smartphone.

So the conclusion would have been same with the new Moto E and having the same motorola experience across the device.

This is the story of the first smartphone to make your own Start with Moto E.

Specifications of Moto E 2nd Gen:

Display Size
Pixel Density
540 x 960
245 PPI
Gorrilla Glass 3
Camera Rear
720p also slow motion video
Memory RAM
32GB Micro SD
Processor CPU
Snapdragon 200 1.2GHz Quad core
Adreno 302 @ 400MHz
Connectivity Bluetooth
4.0 LE
802.11 b/g/n
Sim Card Single Sim Micro Sim
Battery Capacity
Mixed usage 24 hrs
OS Android 5.0 Lollipop

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