Friday, 10 April 2015

Diffrence between Lenovo and Microsoft

Earlier we posted about Lenovo buying Motorola and all the news about the relationship about Motorola and Lenovo.

Now as the days are going on according to the authority there is a news that they will only keep the one brand running in the certain company and in which country which company will wok will depend upon the previous records and the popularity and according to higher authorities in some countries like India they will sale both the brand.
here is what the Colin Giles said"Depending on the market, we are identifying which brand is more suitable for which market. However, in a market like India where we've had very good success for Lenovo and Motorola, we believe we will be able to sustain both,".

We all know what Microsoft did with Nokia after buying it or signing contract with it.they just changed the name of the brand and started printing the the Microsoft on each of its devices but Lenovo has other idea for its purchased Brand they said that Motorola will act as the different company only, they said that wherever the product of both Motorola and Lenovo are sold the stores for both the Brands will be different no common stores for both the brands so motorola will act as separate entity.

The official also said that there will soon an experience cum service center for all the motorola user so that they can buy the smartphone offline also and not only this there will be the Moto Maker also which will help the user to customize their front and back panels and user can also add the personalized message to the smartphone or watches before buying it

Future plans:

Lenovo official also told that they are quite happy with sales of the motorola smartphones and they said that they are planning to launch the more 4G smartphone in India in short time
and fr motorola smartwatch ,Moto360 there will be more versions  available in India soon.

So here is what the official announced about the future and present plans for both their company hope you have liked our Blogs

So what you think whose strategy is correct,Microsoft or Lenovo tell us your view in comment section...

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