Sunday, 5 April 2015


After long misunderstanding for future updates of OnePlus One from Cyanogen, OnePlus cleared that it is developing its own customized Android OS for its smartphones which would be seeded as future updates for the OnePlus One.

OnePlus promised that OS would be available for the users starting from March 27.

But being a small company with just a small team working on the ROM of the OS it was expected that it would be delayed.

OnePlus have now released its new Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One and also released a short video about the new features about the OS.

Looking at the video the ROM looks as similar as the stock Android offering the sweet taste of the material design.

With the look and feel of stock Android, OnePlus added some features like the  Off Screen Gestures including double tap to wake, control music, launch camera.

Quick Settings: With this new tiles can be added or removed easily and can be even re-organized with just a click.

New File Manager: The  new file manager also follows the design standard of the material design with performing the actions beautifully.

The Oxygen OS will also provide a lot of customizations - One such customization is the ability to choose between the hardware and software navigation keys which is clearly showed in the video.

Cannot wait for Oxygen to come to you, just head to the official page here where you can find the download link and list of instructions to flash the Oxygen to your OnePlus One.

What are your take on the new flavour for the OnePlus One, do let us know in the comment section below.

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