Wednesday, 11 February 2015


From Some months there have been leaked video and news for Galaxy phones running Android Lollipop.

Finally there is some good news for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners in India.

Android Lollipop is now finally available as an update to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Update is of around 990 MB in size so make sure connected to Wi-Fi and your phone is connected to charger.

And also check that your phone has 3GB of storage available to make the update happen successfully.

This update is only for the Exynos version of Galaxy S4 and the Snapdragon version will soon have the update ready.

The update looks like the Touchwiz UI has got more flat and Material designed.

There are some UI changes that looks good but still you would get confused some times while trying this new update and it takes sometime to quikly operate.

Below are some screenshot of the Update and how the new touchwiz looks like:

Settings & About Phone:

Home Screen And Notifications:


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What are your thoughts on the new lollipop update, have you got it, if yes how is the new interface.

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