Sunday, 16 November 2014


Jolla the finish smartphone company would be unveiling something big on 19 November at the slush event.

Jolla is not a huge in smartphone market but it draws a lot of attention because it is made of former Nokia employees.

Jolla uses Nokia and Intel's old Meego OS in form of it's Sailfish OS.

Jolla has only one product running Sailfish OS in the market which is also a year old now.

Jolla posted on its twitter account that something BIG is about to begin.

As gone by the teaser we can actually say that it would be a new hardware design which either may be the next smartphone by the firm.

And as going by the term "BIG" it can also be a tablet hardware on which Jolla team has been working for a while now to suit its OS for a bigger screen size such as Phablet or a Tablet.

Update: Jolla has now announced its new Jolla tablet running Sailfish OS. Read the full Story here.

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