Monday, 17 November 2014


As we stated about Jolla - The company formed by former Nokia employees unveiling "SOMETHING BIG" on the slush event held in Finland.

Nokia recently posted the above image earlier today of some kind of box with Nokia logo on it.

Nokia plans to reveal this tomorrow at the Slush event held in Finland

The image also has a statement "Guess what? We're up to something" with few hashtags like #thinkingahead #Slush14 .

Going by the image it could be a box with a device in it or set-top TV box or it could be a mac mini like device running windows.

Or it could even be a device running Nokia's own proprietary software and also to the baddest guessing it could even be a device from Nokia and Jolla combined.

What whether it would be, its great to see Nokia still isn't dead yet in making consumer devices.

Update: Nokia Launched its first Android N1 tablet. Read it here.

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