Tuesday, 18 November 2014


After getting the enough support and success with the first leap  motion controller the 
developers have rolled out an update for the leap motion controller this is the free update with some enhancement the the features

  V2 tracking allows for more robust hand models, so that full information about the hand can be inferred despite occlusion. 
            The position and rotation basis for every joint is both consistent and accessible.

Few important point that are upgraded in V2 are:

Ø Pinch

  • Pinch indicates whether one finger is touching another, on a scale of zero to one.
  • This can be used to manipulate a single object, such as a block in a scene.

Ø Grab

  • Grab indicates how close a hand is to being a fist – any fingers that aren't curled will reduce grab strength.
  • Grab is great for broader, more contextual changes, such as moving an entire webpage or scene.

Ø Data Confidence

  • It let us know when it is hard for the Leap to see a hand. When near the edge of the screen or when one hand is occluding another, confidence will drop from one to zero.
  • Use this within your app to filter out suspect data, especially for actions which cannot be undone.

Ø Hand identification

  • The tracking labels hands as left or right, which is useful in a variety of interaction models.
  • Example : your left hand could be used for camera controls, and your right hand for movement, in a 3D scene.

Ø Finger Typing

  • The new tracking model always provides hands with five fingers composed of bone-segments.
  • Each finger is made up of four accurately-named bones; You can design specific interactions by using their positions and rotations.

Ø Position of bone

  • The positions and rotations of each finger bone are provided by the Bone API.
  • With three named bones per finger, that's 21 new dimensions of data.
In this way various features has been added to the existing controller and many existing features has been upgraded and more importantly this update is free

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